Product description

Alibaba Cloud

For the inestimable value, break through the limitation of emerging technology and redefine the digital world.

Alibaba Cloud is a subsidiary under the Alibaba Group. Alibaba Cloud CDN covers more than 70 countries in six continents, and 2500+ global nodes (2300+ in China, 200+ overseas); with the output capacity of entire network bandwidth at 120Tbps, it can provide services such as cloud database, cloud data storage, CDN, large-scale computing, DDoS protection, 24/7 after-sales support and service, and professional and fast backup to help enterprises to quickly enable their cloud services.

Advantages of Alibaba Cloud

High cost-performance ratio

Save 80% of cost in comparison to the traditional IDC.Save 60% of cost in comparison to other service providers.

High stability

Independent research and development, big data with high reliability to protect multiple backups, recovery in seconds, automatic capacity expansion based on needs, application flexibility, convenient and stable.

Secure and reliable

With the defense experience against the biggest cyber attack in the world, can effectively help customers reduce their security risks and safeguard their cloud operations.

Cloud ecosystem

With the well-known venture funds and Apsara technology capabilities, Alibaba Group coordinates its ecosystem market and shares the integrated resources.

Premium service

24/7 Service support to provide a sense of security to users.

Alibaba Cloud locations

Alibaba Cloud has 56 availability zones in 19 geographic regions around the world, and its serves areas including in the East and the West.We continuously expand CDN nodes and deploy regional networks; including a series of strategic data centers in the Middle East (Dubai), Indonesia and Asia, and our networks also have significant influence in North America, Europe and Australia.

Stable, reliable, secure, and regulatory compliance

The applied technology is able to protect against 800 million attacks, 35,000 malicious IP address attacks and 20 million cyber attacks every day. Alibaba Cloud utilizes its comprehensive security features to ensure data security and privacy, including in the data center and to the end users. We follow domestic and international safety and regulatory standards.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud refers to a cloud computing model that is a mix of one or more public and private cloud environments through network connection, and it allows sharing of data and applications among different cloud environments.

A hybrid cloud environment allows enterprises to allocate workload in various cloud environments according to their business needs. For example, enterprises can operate the core services in a private cloud environment to better control and set up an environment to fulfill their requirements. When the workload exceeds the limit of available resources, the other works can be automatically delivered to the public cloud environment. This method provides extra capacity for services based on needs, and it is often called “cloud bursting.” As the extra needs will run on the public cloud, there is therefore almost no limitation on the storage, computing and all other capacities.
Benefits of hybrid cloud
Hybrid clouds enable you experience the benefits of private and public clouds. It provides high scalability, almost unlimited data storage and flexible payment method, and it is as cost efficient as the public cloud. Hybrid clouds are also very secure; hybrid clouds provide you with more flexibility and control of cloud resources such as the resources in a private cloud.